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Character 21 Pieces Brush Set - CHS008

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SKU : CHS008

Character 21 Pieces Brush Set - CHS008
Character 21 Pieces Brush Set - CHS008


Character 21 Pieces Brush Set is an essential tool to set your make-up game right and accentuate your facial features perfectly.

To assist you in the easy and effortless application of make-up products, Character introduces its make-up brush range, which incorporates a whole new range of make-up applicators which can help you achieve the desired look in no time. Right from blush brushes, to eye-applicator, lip-fillers, lip-liner brushes, highlighter brushes, and more, you have all types of brushes to put on your make-up very easily. The single make-up brushes are perfect to carry along wherever you go as they are compact and very handy. All the brushes are made of soft bristles and are safe to use on skin, eyes, and lips. In addition, they offer easy grip and are also very durable.


  • 21 piece brush set
  • Easy to use
  • Soft bristles
  • Easy-grip
  • Super durable


Wash your Character 21 pieces brush set frequently to avoid any sort of harmful bacteria or makeup leftovers that will ruin your skin when used in the future.